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Residential Design

Kitchen Design

In all projects entrusted to us, we take our inspiration from your values so that your entire family can obtain a daily well-being, positive and reassuring experience. Being the central room of the house, the kitchen cannot be missed. This is why we create unique designs that offer you a trendy, welcoming and functional kitchen that will stand the test of time.

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Bathroom Renovation

Truly a haven of peace, the bathroom requires a particular attention during the residential renovations. We take the time to identify each of the family member’s expectations to conceive a functional and comfortable bathroom that reflects your image. We focus on durable materials that will not be out-dated with time and we suggest you quality and customized furniture adapted to your needs.

Optimization of the Space and Expansion

Our team stands out with its expertise in creating exceptional custom layouts that satisfies the client's needs. When the family grows or when the children leave the family nest, our living space is not adapted to our reality anymore. Our ability to listen, our creativity and our capacity to understand your needs are what allow us to transform your home in the place of your dreams.

“  Since 2006, we worked with Johanne Aubin design’s team, on various interior layouts and we were very impressed by their professionalism and expertise that they have shown during the execution of the tasks that were assigned. We recommend them to any firm that desires to plan their interior to their image and that wants to increase their sense of belonging as well as enhancing their workstations. ”

Operations Manager, Natural Resources Canada
(Translated from French)

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