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Industrial Design

Computer-Aided Design (CAD)

During the technical development of a product or the advancement of a concept, we will carry out computer-aided design (CAD): Realize 3D modelling and technical drawings, beautiful renderings and exploded views, assembly drawings as well as animations. With the help of our expertise, you will be able to reach the next step: the production of prototypes and, ultimately finished products.

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Interior and Exterior Signs

We design your signage to be an extension of your building’s identity. In order to fit in perfectly with the experience, interior and exterior signs will be custom designed. They will be a reflection of the architecture in which they will be installed. Their mission will be to identify the common spaces, rooms and amenities of the interior in order to guide occupants and visitors in a clear and intuitive manner.

Graphic Design

When designing a product, the creation of diagrams, murals and print files are often necessary to obtain a satisfactory and plausible result. Our technical specifications are very detailed, which reduces the risk of error and increases efficiency in the production and printing phase.

“  Since 2006, we worked with Johanne Aubin design’s team, on various interior layouts and we were very impressed by their professionalism and expertise that they have shown during the execution of the tasks that were assigned. We recommend them to any firm that desires to plan their interior to their image and that wants to increase their sense of belonging as well as enhancing their workstations. ”

Operations Manager, Natural Resources Canada
(Translated from French)

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